Our effort is such that your wealth increases with our wealth management product – the Shankh. This product aims to remove the clutter in the financial management and well-being. It offers significant alternatives. We are building roadster before we can offer model 3 to everyone (for uninitiated follow Tesla’s product lineup).

Trading requires pattern recognition based on a massive amount of historical data. It is a challenging task for the human mind to consider all the moving pieces in trading. Artificial intelligence can analyze decades’ worth of data and make more accurate predictions in real-time. With this, financial professionals can make sound trading decisions that manage risk better and yield better result. 

We bring Chicago Booth approach to Investments. Chicago Booth is blessed with multiple schools of thoughts that offer perspectives to approach investments. The factor-based model by Nobel Laureate Eugene Fama and the behavioral finance driven model by Nobel Laureate Richard Thaler are the two biggest streams. Our company develops data-intensive quant models to tap the opportunities in the market based on them. They offer better risk management & significant alpha as shown in our back testing. Additionally, our focus is to invest in multiple asset classes to diversify. They extend across equity & their derivatives, commodity derivatives, foreign exchange, VC/PE, REIT in Indian market and US equity market.

  • Currently we are working on Alternative Investment Fund (AIF Category 3) to HNIs with investable amount 1 Cr+ as per SEBI norms. Investments are diversified in different asset classes like listed equity, equity derivatives (Options, Futures, Structured), pre-IPO equity, commodity, currency, gold and are based on recommendations by highly advanced Artificial Intelligence based models.
  • Additionally, we offer a digital platform to advisors which helps in providing incidental investment advice to their clients. Portfolio Doctor feature is a distinctive highlight and appreciated in this platform.
  • We are currently working on providing APIs and integration to other fintechs, small banks, co-operative banks who may not have their own Wealth Management service.

If you are interested in any of these services or would like to be a pioneer to participate in our beta program, please contact us at: