About Us

Infinity Pool is fintech operating in Wealth Management, Financial Education and Technology buildout for finance. The Shankh is its flagship product with new innovative approaches to Wealth Management using highly advanced Artificial Intelligence based digital ecosystem.

The name ‘Shankh’ comes from its association with Wealth according to traditional Indian belief. The Shankh is praised as a giver of fame, longevity and prosperity and the abode of the Wealth. Our effort is such that your wealth increases with our wealth management product – Shankh.

Our Founder & CEO Akshay Kunkulol brings plethora of experience in finance, technology, operations and product. He has engineering degree in IT and MBA from Chicago Booth. Having worked significant time in the USA, Japan and India, he is poised to bring that knowledge to democratize wealth in India. You can read more about him at his personal page akshaykunkulol.me

The vision and intent is to democratize wealth-generating financial products and to educate users with financial literacy along the way. As India becomes 30-45 trillion dollars economy by 2047, we would like everyone to have piece of that pie. You can find more details about product offerings here.

Our company is also involved in two CSR initiatives, which align with our vision for India in 2047. Firstly, we are working to offer a free platform that provides advice to smaller retail investors, with the aim of minimizing their losses and preparing them for the next level. Secondly, we conduct financial literacy training in schools to improve the financial decision-making of the younger generation. If you would like to get involved, please email us csr@infinitypool.in